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Thousands of people will again be gathering at the Upington Expo grounds and Upington International Airport in the Northern Cape for the Wild Bulls - Gemsbok Rally.

This weekend-long event attracts thousands of motorcycle and car enthusiasts from across the country every year.

Featuring a quarter mile drag race competition for the participants and an antique car show. - It has become an event which encompasses brotherhood in the motorcycling fraternity.

Participants and spectators shared their experiences at the rally: "I come in just to enjoy the driving of the motorbikes. That's my passion I can't do away with driving a motorbike," | “We came to support the love and the passion behind the old cars. We just absolutely love it," | “I enjoy the freedom, the feeling of the acceleration and adrenalin,"
“There's a lot of bikers. You get bikers from Walvis Bay, from Cape Town, from Port Elizabeth from Jo’burg. All over the country. I'm a biker now for like 20 years. I'm doing rallies and it's at rallies that you meet your old friends. And it's a big brotherhood in the game. And it's a big, big financial boost in the town."
Pieter Maass, Club President & Race Organiser

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